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Why TransparentCMS?
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Rapid Implementation in Days
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Your Role in CSR Compliance
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Oviya Systems and its TransparentCMS software are revolutionizing how companies build, manage, measure, and report on sustainable business initiatives. From the Board Room to the Compliance Auditor, TransparentCMS provides information for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reporting, return on investment from CSR initiatives, efficient compliance and auditing operations, and collaborative compliance enforcement. And our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) option and configurable design provide low cost, rapid implementation to get fast results.

For the Board and C-level Executives, TransparentCMS provides the ability to protect and enhance corporate image and brand, plus the information to track and report sustainability progress for CSR reporting.
For CSR-Responsible Executives, TransparentCMS provides built-in functionality for Social Accountability, Factory Assessment, Product Quality & Testing (next release), and C-TPAT; and is easily configurable to other standards-based needs. Immediate access to critical compliance information provides the ability to optimize day-to-day decisions, identify opportunities for social improvement, and realize rapid payback from social initiatives and projects.
For Compliance and Audit Managers, TransparentCMS provides easy maintenance of Codes of Conduct, efficient compliance management, automated coordination and scheduling of auditing activities, built-in functionality for compliance collaboration, and the opportunity for self-assessment.
For Rapid Implementation, Oviya Systems can have TransparentCMS up and running in one week. And this can be done using our hosted environment and our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering to avoid IT barriers and minimize front-end investment.
TransparentCMS is an innovative software platform, built upon collaboration and transparency, for companies to implement and manage their compliance programs, monitor and report on their progress in meeting their corporate sustainability goals. TransparentCMS facilitates monitoring your compliance partners’ adherence to set standards and procedures. Additionally, it reports and alerts key stakeholders automatically about the progress made or deviation from agreed-upon compliance standards.
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