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Why TransparentCMS
TransparentCMS Is Unique!
Nowhere else will you find the combination of advanced technology, functionality, efficiency, ability to collaborate with Compliance Partners, ease of use, configurability, and low front-end effort and investment. 

These were the goals we set for TransparentCMS:
  • Self-contained collaboration
  • Easily usable and affordable
  • Highly flexible and quickly implementable
  • Easily configurable and expandable to meet current and future needs
Goals Benefits
Self-contained Collaboration All collaborative actions, email and communications, reporting and report sharing take place within a robust workflow model. Benefits of our collaboration model also include:
  • Accountability of Partners: Real time data captured from the source allows decision making based on accurate data and ensures accountability of partners for their actions.
  • Transparency of Process: Cross-visibility of data, actions, communication, decisions and reports to all partners.
  • Efficiency of Operations: Worklist and real time approach, ability to monitor performance of people and process, proactive decision making, and tools to reduce or eliminate duplication of work.
  • We do not capture reports, but generate them from data captured.
Easily Usable and Affordable We recognized that TransparentCMS will be used by a varied audience around the world. Hence, we concentrated our effort and focus on User Interface design and user experience to ensure TransparentCMS can be used with minimal or no training.

Return on Investment (ROI) realized quickly through cost savings achieved by increasing efficiency of people and process, highly flexible framework that ensures low cost of ownership along with minimal training costs.
Quickly Implementable Get users up and running in days, not weeks - including compliance program setup and configuration.
Easily Configurable & Expandable TransparentCMS is a platform, not a system - this allows you to expand the use of our system to multiple compliance standards your organization might go on to implement with minimal or no cost.

We are driven by delivering value to our customers. Hence, we recognized that systems that support your business process must scale up as your business evolves and that such scalability should not come at a high cost. We therefore designed our platform to be highly configurable to ensure that the platform's capabilities can be expanded to meet your future business needs.
bullet Brochure: TransparentCMS(PDF)
bullet Product Sheet: TransparentCMS
bullet Case Study: Mervyns MVM
bullet Compliance Partner Collaboration
bullet Expandable for changing business needs
bullet Implementation Model
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