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Non Governmental Organizations(NGO's)
NGO's can use TransparentCMS Platform to manage their operations effectively by implementing a compliance program, build and use a workflow process to collaborate with their partners like Donor Organizations and Beneficiary, monitor the progress and measure the program's success using built-in tools. The system is built on a tranparent medium whereby all information is captured at the source, all program actions and related communications are stored within the system and all collaboration partners can see the data in real-time and report on them. They can also make their beneficiary manage their activities by having them enter their information directly into the system and have them participate in the program work flow, thereby making them accountable for their actions. NGO's can be in constant communication with their donors by using the built-in communication features including emails and system alerts.

Here are some of the functions and benefits :
  • NGO's enter their profile and get them updated and approved periodically.
  • Donor's can manage the qualification of NGO 's based on their profile and make them agree to the code of conduct and other regulations by signing electronic agreements periodically.
  • NGO's can use the built-in qualification mechanism and have the Vendors/beneficiary and any other third party organizations that they deal with to agree to the compliance rules and regulations stipulated by the Donor organization and have them sign appropriate electronic Agreements.
  • Vendors/beneficiary enter their profile and register any factories/farms that they deal with . For each factory/farm that they register, their profile and capability information is captured.
  • NGO reviews their beneficiary profile and approves them. They can also submit it for Donor Organization's approval if necessary.
  • Powerful customizable workflow model which can promote collaboration among all partners depending on each individual program needs. This will make the collaboration more effective and transparent.
  • Ability to create and manage multiple programs at the same time.
  • Initiate periodic audits to assess the programs, people, facilities and processes.
  • Powerful ,Customizable Program creation and business rules management.
  • NGO periodically enter information and collaborate with Donor Organization with every step in the process providing them the visibility of the program status in real-time.
  • Donor Organization has the ability to participate in the workflow and make decisions such as approving program actions, ask for clarifications or conclude/cancel the program.
  • Collaborating partners can communicate by sending emails and system alerts. Automatic emails and alerts can also be triggered by workflow actions.
  • Powerful built-in tools to measure and monitor the progress of the program and generate on-demand reports in real-time.
  • Use powerful built-in tools like
    • Key Performance Indicators(KPIs) to set goals and make effective decisions.
    • Powerful Report portal to 'Build your own reports' from the information stored and share them with others colleagues without any IT involvement.
    • Flexible and customizable Search functionality to keep you informed about program activity and their performance at any given time through drill down data retrival.
  • Ability to monitor the performance of NGO's, their programs and their corresponding beneficiary.
  • Built-in Scoring model to evaluate the performance of the program.
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