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How it Works
How TransparentCMS Works?
TransparentCMS automates the assessment process to give you instant access to company-wide compliance goals, real-time measures of supplier performance against those goals, and a one-click dashboard view of each supplier’s compliance status.

Our vision is to eliminate the check-box approach to CSR compliance and replace it with an ethics-based, self-regulated approach where suppliers comply because it’s the right thing to do. The rules-based system indicates which suppliers have up-to-date, verified documentation and assigns a risk factor to those suppliers who are non-compliant. By enabling self-assessment and independent verification, the system also promotes collaboration between compliance partners.

Oviya Systems provides a flexible, process-oriented system to perform the following compliance management functions:
  • Companies setup the Compliance Program
  • Secure electronic signatures on compliance agreements from Vendors and Suppliers.
  • Suppliers submit their profiles.
  • Suppliers register Factories along with their respective capabilities.
  • Companies evaluate Supplier and Factory capabilities to qualify them as business partners.
  • Companies enable self-assessment for multiple compliance types.
  • Companies initiate and manage audits for multiple compliance types.
  • Audit Firms manage auditors' schedules for multiple compliance types.
  • Companies and Audit Firms review factory audit findings and make decisions.
  • Companies assess risk of non-compliant factories and take corrective actions.
  • Audit Firms gain visibility into their operations and auditors' performance.
  • Companies gain visibility into supply chain partners' business practices.
TransparentCMS enables you to achieve the goals of reducing Corporate Social Responsibility-related risks by enlisting supply chain partners in a collaborative compliance management process, gaining constant visibility into your supply chain partners’ business practices, supporting your sourcing decisions with verifiable data, and measuring your partners commitment to corporate sustainability.
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