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Realize the benefits of TransparentCMS
Lessons learned from building, implementing, and supporting compliance management for a large retailer, allowed Oviya Systems to understand, assess, and address compliance pain points while developing TransparentCMS.

Our assessment and thorough understanding of the core business process enabled us to recognize how critical it is for a compliance management system to be highly flexible, easily usable, configurable, and expandable to meet current and future needs, while being affordable and quickly implementable.

TransparentCMS provides many benefits to your organization and your partners including the following:

  • Self-Contained Business Process
    TransparentCMS ensures that all collaborative actions, emails, and communications, reporting, and report-sharing take place within a robust workflow model. 
  • Compliance Partner Collaboration  
    A critical element of efficient compliance management and effective movement toward shared sustainability goals is close collaboration with Compliance Partners.
  • Informed Decision-Making
    A combination of tools enables comprehensive identification of and response to compliance issues and supports proactive actions to address non-compliance.
  • Ease of Use and Familiarity
    TransparentCMS has been developed with standard user interfaces, ease of use, minimal training, and rapid implementation in mind.
  • Highly Customizable Framework
    TransparentCMS is able to be configured easily to meet both the unique requirements of initial set-up of the system as well as updating configurations as requirements change.
  • Expandable to Meet Changing Needs
    TransparentCMS has been built to be easily configurable to meet not only your current assessment needs but also your compliance requirements that have not yet been defined.
  • Promotes Transparency and Accountability
    The ready access to information within TransparentCMS (accountability) and the sharing of information with collaboration partners and within your organization (transparency) ensures that compliance standards are understood and met.
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bullet Case Study: Mervyns MVM
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