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Generating Credible and Verifiable Reports
Scattered modes of record-keeping during the compliance verification process are an inherent pitfall of many existing rudimentary systems. This, along with partners working in non-collaborative and unverifiable environments, provides for minimal or absolutely no transparency and accountability.

Credible and verifiable report data forms the basis for the credibility of any report. The following information is captured and stored in real-time:
  • Information that Vendors enter or update and submit about themselves and the factories they use.
  • Information about decisions made, such as decisions made, such as profile information approval or rejection, changes recommended, and audits initiated by Compliance Managers.
  • Decision information pertaining audit results, corrective actions and recommendations submitted by Audit Managers and Auditors.
  • Information about audits assigned to Auditors, invoice payments, processing delays by partners and audit results.
  • Incidents at Factories as recorded in the system by Compliance Managers, Audit Managers, and/or Auditors.

With all these data elements being captured in real-time at the source, TransparentCMS' Reporting Portal not only provides constant and verifiable visibility into all aspects of the compliance program but also delivers credible reports that are based on data that is verifiable.

This transparent method of functioning, data capture, and anytime-visibility lends credibility to report data and hence leads to public trust in sustainability programs.

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