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Many businesses these days find it difficult to justify the upfront investment to purchase and host software products in-house due to lack of available in-house technical Resourcess and infrastructure capabilities. Hence there is an increasing demand in the market for hosted software solutions.

For these organizations, Oviya Systems offers a hosted service called 'TransparentCMS Online' which represents a cost-effective alternative. It enables them to take advantage of managing their compliance program, collaborate with their partners using all the sophisticated tools and functionalities available in TransparentCMS, without a significant, upfront capital investment. However, the scope for customization and integration of TransparentCMS will be limited by the hosted services. However Oviya Systems gives you multiple choices of implementations combined with multiple licensing models to fit your organization's unique business needs.

TransparentCMS Online vs. TransparentCMS Enterprise
The key success factor for any organization which uses a software product is how their business challenges are addressed by the product and how well their business process fits with the Product configuration and implementation and finally the cost of ownership. TransparentCMS Online is built on the exact code base as TransparentCMS Enterprise edition, providing choice of implementations, flexible solutions and the ability to seamlessly migrate from 'TransparentCMS Online' to 'TransparentCMS Enterprise' as your business needs evolve and your integrations needs become critical.
LICENSING for TransparentCMS Online
TransparentCMS offers flexible solution scenarios and a number of licensing options and deployment models specific to meet your business needs. Your business needs determine the correct choice for both TransparentCMS licensing and deployment.
For TransparentCMS online licensing you may decide to:
  • Pay on a per user subscription basis.
  • Pay on a per transaction basis.
  • Pay on a per module basis.
  • Purchase the system upfront with perpetual licensing.
You can change licensing and deployment models as your business needs change. For example, you might begin with a hosted subscription service but, as more departments begin to take advantage of TransparentCMS, you may convert to an in-house model under a perpetual licensing option.

LICENSING for TransparentCMS Enterprise:
On-premise with perpetual licensing based on users or processer like any other traditional business application.
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