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Informed Decision-Making
TransparentCMS provides the information you need, allowing you to effectively identify and proactively respond to the evolving requirements of your compliance program. TransparentCMS enables you to make confident and informed decisions that are based on factual information and not intuition. Here are some of the ways:
  • You can review, analyze and decide if a vendor meets your sourcing requirements using the profile and capabilities information, which includes information about product development, Quality Assurance and warehousing infrastructure, that is captured directly from the Vendors.
  • You can review, analyze and qualify a factory registered by your vendor using the profile and manufacturing capabilities information that is captured directly from the Vendors.
  • TransparentCMS will help you ensure a strong, reliable and qualified vendor and factory base by making your Vendors periodically review and update capabilities information about themselves and the factories they use.
  • The self assessment tool in TransparentCMS can help you identify issues at factories and recommend changes to rectify them before deciding on one of many future courses of action.
  • Built-in communication suite which also includes auto emails, alerts and notifications that are tied to various workflow actions and actual audit performance keep you informed at all times and make proactive decisions to prevent potential issues.
  • TransparentCMS allows you to factor in critical risk variables, like country of production, in to you audit scoring model to enable you to foresee impact to business operations and make appropriate decisions.
  • TransparentCMS enables you to make decisions about the next steps that need to be taken based on factual information i.e., final audit results that have been directly entered and/or upload by Audit Managers and Auditors in the context of the factory they audited.
All of the above, along with TransparentCMS' Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) functionality and powerful Report Portal, puts critical information that you need to make decisions at your finger tips when you need it.
bullet Brochure: TransparentCMS(PDF)
bullet Product Sheet: TransparentCMS
bullet Case Study: Mervyns MVM
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